Leotards for girls, women’s leotards, boys and men’s leeotards are available in many different styles, with real benefits to wearing these practical one-piece garments. Some leotards are designed specifically for dance lessons and performance, others are suitable for training and performing in competitive gymnastics.

Gymnastics Leotards and Dance Leotards

leotards for girlsWhen worn for dance, gymnastics and ballet, leotards have the advantage of being very adaptable, because they can be worn in different ways with additional layers of clothing.

leotards for girlsLeotards of all types are very light to wear. They are close fitting and made from stretchy fabrics, designed to be worn on their own without underwear and to fit easily on top of a pair of tights and under additional clothing. It also helps the teacher to study a pupil’s form during dance and gymnastics training to ensure movement is correct.

These days there are less restrictive standards about what dancers and gymnasts can wear either to classes or during a performance. Men can wear a dance shirt or a T-shirt over tights or they can wear a unitard or a bike-tard. They can also wear a leotard with tights over the top. So, yes, men are permitted to wear leotards, as long as they find them comfortable.

A leotard is almost a second skin for a dancer or gymnast; it must fit perfectly and move with the body that it is covering. Leotards should be kept clean and washed frequently – most dancers and gymnasts have a dance wardrobe of several leotards which includes well-worn old favourites and special leotards for performances and concerts. The cost of a leotard can run from £20.00 to over £100.00. New leotards maybe specially designed for a new performance season.