Gymnastics Leotards

Choosing gymnastics leotards can be tricky, as they are available in many styles, sizes and designs.  They are worn by people of all ages who perform acrobatics, aerobic or artistic gymnastics and trampoline activities. In some ways they are similar to dance leotards, with a wide choice of sleeveless or sleeved garments and designed with different styles of neckline.

gymnastics leotardsThe fit required in gymnastics leotards is very close to the body, with a minimum amount of slippage when performing gymnastics. Most competitive gymnasts wear garments made from Lycra or stretch nylon. Comfortable cotton and cotton Lycra mix gymnastics leotards are also available.


Leotards for Professional Gymnasts

In training sessions most young gymnasts wear basic long-sleeved gymnastic leotards. These can be of any colour, and trainees often wear leotards in colours that represents their gymnastics club.

When performing competitively in artistic gymnastics, girls and boys wear glamorous leotards in a variety of styles, patterns and colours, some with added decorative elements, such as diamante crystals, which are only applied on areas of the fabric where they will not affect the wearer’s gymnastic performance.