Dance Leotards

Dance leotards are available for all types of performance and dance exercise, in styles to suit different body shapes and for dancers of all ages. Dance leotards can have long sleeves, short sleeves or be sleeveless and can have a scooped neckline, or camisole style, or even a turtle-neck. Some are also low fitting at the back and are occasionally embellished with additional details.

What Materials Are Dance Leotards Made From?

For a close fit, dance leotards are usually made from nylon, Lycra, cotton or a cotton Lycra mix. These fabrics all allow easy movement of the limbs.

Coloured nylon is often used for dance leotards worn in performances, because the fabric has a shiny finish and can easily be matched with a tutu and a pair of nylon tights or leggings.

dance leotardsCotton dance leotards are also available in a variety of colours and provide extra breathability and comfort during dance practice and in lessons. Dancers look great wearing them with a matching cotton tee-shirt, cotton tights, leggings or a skirt.