Give Your Leotard Style

Give Your Leotard Style

Leotard style and colour has changed – dancers no longer wear a standard black leotard with pink tights to classes. These days the style of a leotard is more expressive; it can express the personality of a dancer or gymnast, or convey the mood of the dance or gymnastic performance.

A long sleeved leotard emphasises the movements of a dancers arms, such as the languid, graceful movements of a classical ballet. A sleeveless dance leotard silhouettes the torso and draws attention to the beautiful lines of a dancer’s neck and shoulders.


Leotards, particularly in competitive gymnastics and professional dance, may form part of a costume, making them unique in design according to the performance or competition.

Gymnasts and Dancer’s Costumes

As the movements of gymnastics are vigorous and rhythmic a gymnast does not need to wear a fussy outfit or one that is overladen with detail. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room for a gymnast to wear something dynamic, for example, a gymnastics leotard with a dramatically low back, criss-crossed straps or a splash of paste diamonds around the neckline, or a leotard with a high neck in a dazzling colour. This type of detail adds a touch of flair and excitement to a gymnast’s costume.

Rhinestones, rainbow prints, Zebra prints, sequins, animal prints, mesh, lace, stars, beads, embroidery, metallic effects and pleated or ruffled skirts are all decorative, eye-catching effects that can be part of a gymnast’s or a dancer’s costume.