Leotards for Ballet Classes and Dance Training

Leotards for Ballet Classes and Dance Training

When practicing moves in a ballet studio, many dancers choose to wear tights with their leotards. In the winter months they may wear wrap-around tops over their ballet leotards and can add a pair of cosy leg warmers. Men and boy dancers can wear a pair of wool shorts over their ballet leotards.

The Royal Academy of Dance has a strict dress code and there are rules in place about the type of dance leotards students are allowed to wear in class and for dance exams. Girls should wear matching skirts and wrap-around cardigans with leotards of pink, blue or lavender. Boys are restricted to wearing blue, black or white leotards, with a suitable pair of shorts on top.

Older RAD students have more choice, but for classes and exams they should always check to make sure that they choose the right accessories and purchase dance leotards in styles and colours stipulated by the Royal Academy.


A different set of rules will apply to leotards when training at other dance schools and for the various exam boards which regulate different dance styles and grades.

Dance leotards, gymnastics leotards and ballet leotards are all available from specialist retailers. They are often more affordable when purchased online, where leotards in all styles and different sizes are easy to find.