Styling Leotards

Styling Leotards

The colour of a dancer’s or gymnast’s leotard is an issue that can be very absorbing for a costume designer because the range of hues and shades has increased so greatly. Most dance and gymnastics wear stores keep a colour wheel in the store so that fabrics and colours can be toned to make sure they match or create a desirable effect.

It is not unusual for a leotard to be made of two separate toning or contrasting colours. Draping or swirling pieces of material in toning or contrasting colours can be sewn on to a leotard to create special effects.

Staying Warm Layering Leotards

As the seasons change and become cooler, dancers may wear wraparound tops or light jumpers over their leotards. Woollen tights and leg-warmers are popular items for keeping a dancer’s muscles warm. The important thing with adding layers for warmth, is that dancer must not obscure their arms, legs or torso from the sight of the teacher. These portions of the body must remain visible, so that a teacher can observe and correct technique.

Just as dancers add layers to keep their muscles warm and flexible, gymnasts also need to stay warm. There are fairly strict rules that apply to what gymnasts can wear at a meet. If it is chilly, gymnasts may wear a warm up suit with their performance leotard underneath.